Fishing for a day at Stoney Lake Lodge, BC.

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Photo, Fly dreamers.com

Stoney Lake Lodge a Destination Review.

Ask any BC, Stillwater fly angler if they have ever heard of Stoney lake lodge. And more than likely their answer will probably be YES. Ahh the famous Douglas lake ranch luxury fly fishing resort, Stoney lake lodge. The lodge is dream to most Stillwater anglers either a dream destination for those who are outside of the province and dream fishery for those who are so close.

Well this doesn’t always have to be so out of reach to many as Stoney lake lodge is a stone throw away from Kamloops and Kelowna, BC.  So close that the Fly-Fishing Insider reached out to the awesome crew up at the lodge and asked them if we could spend the day fishing on the lake. They were very happy to oblige.

Kyle Jones the manager at Stoney Lake lodge invited me up for the day to not only fish but explore and see everything that this property can offer its guests. Naturally I Jumped at this opportunity. I knew the weather would be very sketchy so I packed accordingly after all what fly fisher would not go to this place.

Photo: Pacific Angler

Once I arrived at the lodge, I was greeted by the very friendly staff and ranch dogs. The staff and Kyle immediately gave me a quick tour of the lodges main room and fly shop, some local hot files the fish are hitting on and map of the lake’s hot spots. Kyle walked me and my gear down to a boat they had waiting for me all set up and ready to go.  I was instantly upgraded to a G2 15ft flat bottom with all the latest sonar imagining.

After a quick set up of my Sage 4wts and 6wts, strung with SA amplitude lines on all the reels, I was ready for the fish bring it on. The fish that is not the weather although it was rolling in and fast. This was safe to say not ideal fishing conditions. However, it was not a complete loss I managed to put a few in the net. And I must say that the fights I did encounter with the Stoney lake rainbows was nothing short of spectacular. These fish can fight, run and bulldog down not to mention jump.

stoney lake rainbow

Finely when the wind had picked up to the point of frustration and the lakes whitecaps were making fishing even more interesting, I decided to call it a day, besides I still had work to like a podcast with Kyle Jones. I was immediately greeted at the boat dock by Kyle with an umbrella and helping hand for all my gear. At the lodge the staff had fresh coffee on for me and set up a nice fire in the lounge with complete privacy for video/ podcast interview.

Stoney Lake Lodge Lounge

After the podcast I was shown the lodge in further details which included the luxury double queen bedrooms, the fully stocked bar and quite lounge area complete with a toasty fire cracking, the outdoor hot tub and sundeck perfect for waiting stars after a day on the water catching Stoney lake loge rainbow trout. Unfortunately this day had come to a close for me and I had to return as the guests were heading back from the being out on the lake and the staff was preparing to fishing the day with a gourmet meal for the guest.

photo: DLR

I took one last quick look around to savour the moment when Kyle handed me his card and said come up next week the weather should be better and the fish should be on. I smiled and said see you then.

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