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EP 30. Umpqua 47 years of kicking butt in the Fly Biz

In this Episode we speak with Russ Miller from Umpqua Flies. Russ might be the new guy at Umpqua but he sure is up to speed on the companys rich vibrent past.

Russ speaks about the many roadblocks the brand has faced, the logistical challenges and even the staffing challenges as well. Russ shares with us this amazing history of the brand.

Russ also talks about how the brand is dersified in many fly fishing products such as packs and gear, fly storage solutions, clothing and the heart of the business flys.

Russ tells listeners about how and what its like to go to am umpqua fly showcase and see all the new flys they have to offer and choose from, keeping mind umpqua only adds 300n new flys per year to the catalogue.

We learn from russ the direction and goals that umpqua has going forward for the next 47 years. This is a great episode with Umpqua Flies.

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EP 29 Kenneth Klimes, Fly Fishers at the Crossing and the amazing work they do.

In this episode of the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast, we speak with Kennith Klimes whos is the chairman of the board for the fly fishers at the crossing fellowship.

Kennith really shares with us the amazing work that the fellowship is involved within the local community of St Louis. This work that the fellowship is heart moving when we hear that the group helps The Ronald McDonald house, the local childrens hospital and other local needs.

We also learn that the fellowship helps with many national fly fishing charities such as the Mayfly project, Healing waters and others. Kennith shares what the clubs focus is and how many people can get involved or even start their own chapter.

This is a true heart moving episode, you wont want to miss. Kennith has also reached out to his sponsers and offered a few discount codes to listeners with the codes at the end of the podcast.

To learn more about The fly fishers at the crossing or contact them directly.

EP 28 Edgar Diaz of Sight Line Provisions, and finding that WOW moment.

In this Episode we speak with Edgar Diaz Of Sightline Provisions, Edgar is the Artist and owner of SLP. SLP is a brand that started about 4 years ago and quickly became an industry powerhouse amounsgt the fly fishing community.

Edgar shares with us the many early day challenges he faced with materials, logistics and working with big box fishing brands. The SLP history of the product started as something else which progressed into the now known brand.

We learn that SLP is in more than 100 stores world wide and counting, SLP is also involved in many artist collaborations and industry focused causes.

Edgar tells us how instagram is vita to his business and that is really his primary marketing or showcase platform. Edgar is very quick to express his passion for his brand and thanks his loyal fans for their support.

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EP 27 Matt Smythe of AFFTA, talks about IFTD the decision to stand alone & #D4BB what you need to know.

In this Episode we speak with Matt Smyth the membership manager of AFFTA. Matt talks about what AFFTA is in the fly fishing world and why it is important to all of us fly fishers.

Matt shares what the many many many shared focuses are that AFFTA has with its different members. We learn the reason why Colorado was chosen for the IFTD and all that goes into this show to make sure its a success for everyone.

Matt opens up about what we can expect this year at the show with the new platforms and seminars offered to visitors.

Matt also mentions to us that anyone going who has yet to register you might want to jump on it. As spots and rooms are filling up fast.

Matt talks about AFFTAs newest passion project the #D4BB or day for bristol bay, and the many retailers who are getting behind the great cause to raise much needed funds for the front line workers who are going head to head with the mining companies in order to protect this land.

EP 26 Luke Winkler & Riversmith the new guys on the block you need to know.

In this Episode of the Fly Fishing Insider podcast we Talk with Luke Winkler, who is the Media relations manager of Riversmith.

Luke Shares with us how Riversmith got started amongst a few friends working together who all saw the need to start this brand.

Riversmith is currently on a huge roll with in the industry, they are truly turning heads with their rod storage system call the River Quiver. Which is offered in a two or four rod storage options complete with lockable security.

Luke also talks about the amount of great work Riversmith is doing both on and off the water and how they are currently involved with many projects such as the Mayfly project and much more. It seems to be Riversmiths values for a company to give back.

We also learn about the pitfalls the brand has faced and how they have overcome theses to become a leader in rod storage and transportation.

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EP 25 Blue Halo Rods, Courtney Boice”s Quest to produce the world’s best fiberglass rod.

In this episode of the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast we speak with Courtney Boice, the CEO of Blue Halo Fly Rods. Blue Halo is the leader in the Fiberglass fly rod market. Courtney has been at the helm of Blue Halo for almost 7 years now.

Blue Halo rods are the industry’s most advanced and best performing fiberglass rods. The technology that Courtney talks about is ground breaking with the launch of the new Liger rods and the S2 fiberglass. Basically, it’s a hybrid rod of graphite and fiberglass.

Courtney also talks about the difficult challenges that he and the team has faced trying to get the right feel load and cast out of the rod while also trying to get it made in the USA for a reasonable price, but sometimes things just don’t go as planned. Courtney mentions few other roadblocks the brand and company has faced and overcome.

Courtney shares with us his past and how he became involved in fly fishing to his reasons in wanting to start a fly rod business, that is strictly on line. We also hear how Courtney’s family is involved in the business as well.

Blue Halo tells us a sneak peak of what’s coming up next from the new technologies to their new rod developments and line ups. Courtney is pretty excited to share with us much of this news.

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