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EP 44 Fishing with feathers and the goal unity amongst anglers.

In this episode we speak with Kyler Wartman from fishing with feathers, Kyler is the owner of this fly fishing apparel brand with big aspirations of uniting fly fishers alike.

In this episode we learn that Fishing with feathers is a family business that started in the PNW area and has strong ties to the local fishing community.

Kyker shares with the listeners the many uphill battles he has faced to get the brand where it is today but yet he still faces challenges and especially that from shops.

Kyler explains the motivation behind the purpose of the brands mission of uniting fly fishers from salt to fresh and more as we all love this great sport.

This is quick little episode with a lot heart and soul. you wont want to miss this one.

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EP 43 Kate Watson talks 200 ft spey cast, guiding in BC & all around fly fishing

In this episode of the fly fishing insider podcast, we speak with Katy Watson again. We welcome Kate back to talk about her past season of guiding in new waters with in BCs skeena river.

We also touch base with Kate about, life prepping and attending the world Spey casting Championships last year and we learn where she placed and ranked in the competition.

Kate shares with us the courses and guiding programs she is currently developing for the new guiding season as well as her destination travel program.

Kate tells us, all about her love of fly tying the classic spey pattern that Kate Watson is best known for.

This is great episode with the wonderful Kate Watson who offers so much to the fly fishing community as whole.

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EP 42 Region Fly fishing , Taking a chance in the fly business

In this episode we speak with mark from Region fly fly fishing.

Region is a newer fly fishing brand who is taking a big chance in doing things differently in the gear business. Region Fly fishing feels they have a uphill fight and are willing to take the risk.

Enjoy this episode where i speak to the region team about their success and failures throughout the business, and industry. As well as what it takes for the brand to gain market share and the goals of this brand.

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EP 41 The Mayfly Project, helping foster kids fish and so much more

In this Episode of the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast we speak with Kaitlin Barnhart one of the Co founders for the Mayfly Project.

For those who dont know the mayfly project is an organization that helps foster children get into fly fishing through mentorship. TMP is a longtime favorite Fly fishing charity that is much loved from the fly fishing community.

In this episode we learn how Kaitlin and Jesse met over social media and decided to combine forces to create what is now TMP. Kaitlin share with us about the many amazing stats that this organization has accomplished so far todate.

EP 40: 1% for the planet, a small sacrifice for big global changes

In this episode of the Fly Fishing Insider podcast we speak with Kate Williams the CEO of 1% for the planet.

1% percent for the planet is global non profit organisation whos members must contribute at least 1% of their total annual sales to the organization.

Kate tells us how 1% was created back in 20002 from the founders Yvon Chouinard the founder of Patagonia clothing and Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon flies.

Kate shares with listeners about the different areas that 1% offers its members to get involved with and exactly what members can do to be involved, its not all money, as time is also accepted.

Kate lights up when we ask her how much money to date has been raised from this wonderful organization. and so far at the time of recording its 225 million dollars.

Kate tells us about some of the more recent projects and events that 1% is extremely proud of as well at the end of the podcast Kate shares with us about the newly launched 1% podcast they are doing called Planet Service Announcement Podcast.

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EP 39 Capt James Johnson, a remote call from the naknek river in Alaska.

***Warring Warring***, the audio is rough in this episode of a remote call from James Johnson but james has such a wealth of guiding experience of this area that we just had to catch him in his busy guiding season.

In this episode we speak to James about, how he got to owning multiple lodges all in world class fishery. how and what the troubles of getting theses lodges up and running are as wella s what he looks for in buying a lodge first and foremost.

James shares with us ahis strong passion and love of salt water and what its like to be a permit bum, chasing theses fish all winter. Some tips on how to catch them and what to look for when targeting permit.

James mentions many cool facts about the alaska rainbow trout and why they are such a great bread of fish to target.

We learn what james would change with in the industry, and how social media is extremely important to his lodges.

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