EP 68 Ryan Taylor, upping the game by tying fly’s in hand.

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Episode Description:

In this episode the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast, Greg Speaks with Ryan Taylor. Ryan is well known Canadian Fly tyer on Instagram who goes by the handle @salmonjunkie.

Greg and Ryan talk about his passion for the classic in fly patterns, Ryan is one of the handful of people who can truly tie these fly’s from start to finish with much detail all in hand. He tells us all about that skill just thinking about it makes Greg not even want to attempt this.

We also cover Ryan other passion for painting bugs and fly’s not so much fish but it’s the bugs and fly’s that Ryan likes to capture and it’s a huge part of our passion and sport.

Later in the show Greg asks Ryan about chasing the Atlantic salmon and the many other species that Ryan is gunning for, as well as his involvement with the Douglas Outdoors Salmon Camp.

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Top take away from this Episode:

  1. Practice makes perfect

2. We need to chase the Atlantic Salmon.

Other Mentions in this Podcast:

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  1. Douglas Outdoors
  2. Kate Watson

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Website: He’s working on it.

Social: @salmonjunkie

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