EP 52 Angie Scott Co Hosted Jen Ripple & Women fishers on Instagram just own it,

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Episode Description:

In this episode the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast, Greg speaks with Angie Scott the owner of Women Angler and Adventurer Podcast, Based in Tennessee, USA. In our Co-hosted series of Podcast Interviews with Jen Ripple from Dun Magazine.

 Greg & Jen talk to Angie about her childhood growing up in northern Minnesota and the family’s vacation fishing trips as theses were Angies great memories. This is what pushed Angie future into the sport of fishing and making her fall in love with fishing ultimately pushing her further into the sport by starting a podcast.

We also learn from Ange that the Podcast was started to inspire women professionally as well as a beginner as to create a great environment for women who all share the passion for fishing.  Angie tells Jen and Greg about the Podcast goals and what’s next for the podcast as well as what listeners can expect with some up coming events and show they have planned.

Later When Greg asks Angie about why women in conventional fishing are wearing clothes that are less than ideal for fly Fishing and how the industry in conventional fishing changes the landscape for women. As well we get on the topics of women on Instagram and why some girls wear little yet want to be taken seriously and others who are serious just don’t get the respect. The conversation heats up as we all give our views.  

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 Top take away from this Episode

  1. If you wear it and believe in it just own it.

      2. Reach out to those with in the community’s and you just                never know where it goes.

  1. Try new things with in our sport try new fishing methods  locations

Other mentions in this Podcast:

This area contains links to company’s, products, people, organizations and other noteworthy mentions that were talked about during this episode interview on the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast. Theses mentions are from both the guest or host of the show. Please enjoy the referenced links.

  1. Dun Magazine
  2. Heather Hodson
  3. Music city fly girls
  4. AFFTA
  5. IFTD
  6. Simms
  7. WayPoint TV
  8. 50/50 on the water

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Website: women angler and adventure podcast

Social: @womenangleradventurepodcast  

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