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Episode Description:

In this episode the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast, Greg speaks with Kayla Lockhart the owner of Kayla Lockhart fly fishing, Based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

 Greg talks to Kayla about her emotional childhood pat and growing up in foster care family’s. Until the early age of 15 when she decided to emancipate herself from her foster family and start life growing up on her own. Kayla opens up fully about her family history with substance abuse and how her family was not present in her or her sister’s lives. This is an emotional podcast episode when Kayla tells us like it was for her and how her journey shaped her to who she is now.

We also learn from Kayla that age 23 she went down the road of what is now her fly-fishing addiction. Kayla talks about how she joined a fly-fishing group called the lost boys and with their guidance together shaped and provided her the skills to progress in the sport. Fast forward to today and Kayla is hosting multi trips, teaching casting and offering empowerment to others as well as giving back through fly fishing. Let’s not forget about Kayla working for Fly Lords on a trip to the jungle last spring, in which she shares with us some great stories from that trip.

When Greg asks Kayla about her passion and love of the Mayfly Project. She tells us about how the team at project mayfly is allowing her to create her own chapter with in Portland. Kayla is a huge advocate in this organization and what they are doing.

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 Top take away from this Episode

  1. Overcome your fears and just do it. leaving foster care and making your own path.

      2. Go all in if your going to give your time or services back, like Mayfly project and teaching casting

  1. Don’t over think things or waste opportunities such as trips to Columbia

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Website: kayla.flyfishing@gmail.com

Social: @kayla__lockhart

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