EP 40: 1% for the planet, a small sacrifice for big global changes

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In this episode of the Fly Fishing Insider podcast we speak with Kate Williams the CEO of 1% for the planet. 

1% percent for the planet is global non profit organisation whos members must contribute at least 1% of their total annual sales to the organization. 

Kate tells us how 1% was created back in 20002 from the founders  Yvon Chouinard the founder of Patagonia clothing and Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon flies. 

Kate shares with listeners about the different areas that 1% offers its members to get involved with and exactly what members can do to be involved, its not all money, as time is also accepted.

Kate lights up when we ask her how much money to date has been raised from this wonderful organization. and so far at the time of recording its 225 million dollars.

Kate tells us about some of the more recent projects and events that 1% is extremely proud of as well at the end of the podcast Kate shares with us about the newly launched 1% podcast they are doing called Planet Service Announcement Podcast. 

To learn much more about this great cause or to get involved now Subscribe or Download this episode. 


1% for the planet


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