EP 38 Hook & Vice on the extreme values behind the brand known for its Lucky Hats.

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 In this episode we hear about the founders past growing up with his mom and living in a hippy setting on vancouver island. He tells us about how the family traditions were getting fish as food for the family. along with the long standing family tourment now in its 50th year. 

Noel shares how hook and vice was being born as to what started out with a conversation with brian chan has now turned into a BC staple in the fly fishing biz. In the episode we can hear Noels passion in his voice when he mentions goals foR the brand moving forward.

Noels passion also shines through when he speaks of his creative content that Hook and Vise is currently developing such as his latest episode with Art Limber. 

Later in the conversation Noel mentions why its so important for his brand to be so supportive of the shops and what Hook and Vice is doing to support the shops. 

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Advertising Opportunity

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