EP 37 Geri Meyer kicking it old school with a chill conversation.

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This week on the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast we speak with Geri Meyer. Geri is co owner of Two fly shops in the Wisconsin area. The First shop is the famed Driftless Angler and the second shop is Athena & Artemis women’s fly shop.  

Geri is long time women fly fisher who’s has pioneered a path for women to get involved with the sport, through her teachings and inspiration. In my relaxed conversation with Geri you can see her fun and good humor come out much the same as in her guiding as she claims.

Geri is put on the spot by me and asked about the much talked about women in fly fishing in for the likes, grip and grin as well as posing in bathing suits. Greg flat out asks Geri if this sets back how women are viewed with our sport?

Geri also touches on how she got her early start and fumbled around until she didn’t. Geri, mentions what’s next for her and her brand, how one can get started in fly fishing with many great tips and advice of just doing it.

There so much more to learn and hear in this great episode with Geri Meyer so listen to us kick it old school with a chill conversation. subscribe or download the show or episode now.



Advertising Opportunity

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