EP 28 Edgar Diaz of Sight Line Provisions, and finding that WOW moment.

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In this Episode we speak with Edgar Diaz Of Sight Line Provisions, Edgar is the Artist and owner of SLP. SLP is a brand that started about 4 years ago and quickly became an industry powerhouse amounsgt the fly fishing community.

Edgar shares with us the many early day challenges he faced with materials, logistics and working with big box fishing brands. The SLP history of the product started as something else which progressed into the now known brand.

We learn that SLP is in more than 100 stores world wide and counting, SLP is also involved in many artist collaborations and industry focused causes. 

Edgar tells us how instagram is vita to his business and that is really his primary marketing or showcase platform.  Edgar is very quick to express his passion for his brand and thanks his loyal fans for their support. 

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