EP 27 Matt Smythe of AFFTA, talks about IFTD the decision to stand alone & #D4BB what you need to know.

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In this Episode we speak with Matt Smythe the membership manager of AFFTA. Matt talks about what AFFTA is in the fly fishing world and why it is important to all of us fly fishers. 

Matt shares what the many many many shared focuses are that AFFTA has with its different members. We learn the reason why Colorado was chosen for the IFTD and all that goes into this show to make sure its a success for everyone. 

Matt opens up about what we can expect this year at the show with the new platforms and seminars offered to visitors. 

Matt also mentions to us that anyone going who has yet to register you might want to jump on it. As spots and rooms are filling up fast. 

Matt talks about AFFTAs newest passion project the #D4BB or day for bristol bay, and the many retailers who are getting behind the great cause to raise much needed funds for the front line workers who are going head to head with the mining companies in order to protect this land. 

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