EP 22, DUN Magazine & Jen Ripple; A story of empowerment for all.

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In this episode of the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast, we speak with Jen Ripple the editor of Dun Magazine.

Jen has been the editor of DUN Magazine for the start, as it was her dream to inspiration and to create this venture. Dun Magazine is a women’s magazine that focuses and empowers women in the fly-fishing industry and sport.

In this this episode we learn that Dun is actively involved with many many events and charity’s to further give back and pay it forward in fact Dun Magazine is committed to doing community hours yearly and monthly both in money, time and conservation.

We also learn that Dun is holding events for all in the fall this year with other female fly fishers who wish to promote conservation and catch reds in New Orleans with Jen and her team.

When Jen shares with us the moment she was hooked as a fly fisher its truly amazing and how she got completely lost in the sport. But it wasn’t all up hill for her we learn about the difficulty’s she faced as well as the magazine in the early years.

Fast forward to now and we hear about the goals and milestones that Dun magazine has set out to accomplish. Jen Ripple is such an inspiration to so many in the industry that this episode is a must listen to. Yes, even when she’s talking about fly fishing and social media and how’s its changing the landscape of people and business.

 To lean more about this amazing Magazine and the drive behind it Subscribe or download the podcast now.

Advertising Opportunity

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