EP 20 PT1, Kristen Mustad, Nautilus Reels and the long rise to the top.

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In this Episode we speak with Kristen Mustad the owner of Nautilus Fly Reels.

Kristen tells us about how he came into the business in the early days and of the many many struggles the business faced to become what is now considered to be one of the worlds premier fly reels brands. 

In this interview Greg really enjoys Kristens honest and laid back talk about the brand, fly shop struggles and of courses kristens love of stillwater fly fishing. 

Kristen tells listeners about how every major decision he has made in his life was on a trout stream, where his love of trout fishing is still present even tho the brands headquarters are now in Mimi FL.

We learn about the many advanced technologies that Nautilus Fly Reels offers, that their competitors has not even come close to in matching as far a performance of theses parts. Also the real reason why Nautilus was the first to put the colour red on their drag system, Think cars.. 

To hear more of this epic story Part 1 of how Kristen Mustad bought a broke reel company, and turned it around in which now has exceeded all obstacles and has risen to the top




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