EP 12 Islander Reels

Marketing Opportunity

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In this episode we speak with Steve Rennalls who is islander reels brand manager. Steve takes us back to the roots of islander and how they got started making some of the worlds best reels.

We learn from steve the many reasons why islander is so successful in the industry. Steve gives us a sneak peak of what next for islander reels with some new product concepts and projects also what new partnerships islander has formed. 

Steve shares his vision for the brands next five years, and what events and conversation islander is actively involved with. 

To hear more of Steve journeys as brand manager and to hear even more about the brand, subscribe to the fly fly fishing insider podcast or visit http://flyfishinginsiderpodcast.com/

Other Notes 

Islander Reels Discount Code, for all listeners located at the end of the podcast. 

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