EP 03 Rent this Rod

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In this episode the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast speaks with David Moore and Brian Gunrngerich who are both the founders and owners of Rent this Rod Company.

David and Brian share with the listeners how their simple idea of renting out high-end fly rods  and how it was created  they  also explain how they filled the much needed niche of Fly rod Rentals and how the guys are upping the rod rental game to new levels.

Both David and Brian explain what’s the reason for a person to want to rent a high-end fly rod delivered right to your front door. And who the ideal target demographic is for luxury rod rentals. The guys also touch on the early day struggles and challenges the of their business. For More on David and Brian or rent this Rod Company and to  listen to this episode subscribe or download at www.flyfishinginsiderpodcast.com or follow us @flyfishinginsiderpodcast

Top Three Take Aways from this Episode

1. You can start a business with little capital and rod bought from eBay.

2. Find your niche market own it and fill it.

3. Dream Big, Scale fast, Start small.

Other notes

Product Deals: Rent this Rod has provided listeners with a 20% off Rod Rental expires April 30th, 2019. Mention podcast on their website and order form.

Reach them at: www.http://www.rentthisrod.com

Social Accounts: @Rentthisrod

Subscribe to the show at www.flyfishinginsiderpodcast.com

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Advertising Opportunity

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