Redington, Rio Grande fly reel review.

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Redington Reel, Rio Grande

On a planned recent Fishing trip to Mexico, to target striped Marlin on the fly rod. I was set with the task of finding a fly rod and reel that was worthy of this beast of a fish. As I set out on the mission, I found nothing but extremely high-priced reels, with in that 13+ category. I mean I was only going on this trip once and the cost of the reel was more that double the cost of my flight. That was until I found out about the Redington Grande reels with in this category. We reached out to our friends over at Redington and got our hands on few Rio Grande Reels. However due the COVID 19 crisis our trip was canceled minutes before. We did however test the Redington Grande Reel, but in the 8wt model. And here is what we found.

What we liked:

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We really liked the colour options for this reel, both the marine and champagne colour really pop paired with any rod, we also liked the drag system the sheer stopping power I this is reel is completely over built and will slow the biggest of fish. Lastly, we liked the spool diameter this reel holds a tone of backing and for big fish this is one thing your going to need.

What we didnt like:

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 The physical look of this reel, we found the porting looks to close and similar to the lower end model of the behemoth from Redington. And the Grande is far from this model. We thought this could actually be confusing to some fly fishers.

Bottom Line

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This is a great reel, and at extremely affordable cost. This reel is the new contender in the saltwater big game of reels. Make no mistake that if the 8wt we tested held up to some big fish we can’t wait to up date you on the 13+. So, stay tuned.

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