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Photo by Dryft

Fly Fishing Can be expensive at times, we all get that. Yes, the sticker price can be alarmingly shocking at times. And that’s not including some of the more fun gear used in fly fishing. Take for instance waders when it comes to waders and the prices of good waders it can be all over the spectrum in pricing. But one thing about waders I can tell you is that you have to have a great pair or will quickly ruin a great day of fishing fast if they don’t perform you’re screwed.

Notice in that last sentence I didn’t say the best pair, I said a great pair. And that just it if your living in your waders every day then a great pair will more than likely do. So, for all my budget-friendly FlyFishing friends out there listen up I am telling you that the Dryft Primo zip waders are just that.

I used and tested theses waders last fall on a recent trip to Alaska and Dryft was one of the sponsors of the trip, trusting my comfort to a wader that I never used on a lifetime trip like this was a big chance for us all. But we all agreed to this trust and I was sent my Dryft Primo Zip waders with jacket, for the trip.

Upon opening the long-awaited much-anticipated package to arrive in the mail, I instantly noticed the many features that theses waders were offering. Right off the bat, I noticed the countless number of pockets for storage that were hidden within the waders. One of the pockets on the insider featured a clear storage pouch (this is where my phone lived throughout the trip).

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Photo by Dryft

Other first impressions were the colour of the waders as they are all black with neon green highlights around the zippered pockets making them pop. I also had to admit its nice to see a wader that away from the drab old grey in colour like so many other brands offers.

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Photo by Dryft

Now comes the real test, when it came to performance. Firstly, I liked how the Velcro belt was adjustable so I could start off the day layered up and end the in just a t-shirt and waders while adjusting my waders snugly with little effort.  The neoprene stocking foot was another great feature of performance it was just the right amount of material so my boots were not all bunched up making my feet colder due to poor circulation. The Stocking foot was again warm in those Icey Alaska rivers with the proper thickness of neoprene for this wader. Straps and sweep of the jacket and waders were minimal there weren’t a lot of areas for the line to catch on while making theses perfect casts to big fish another great bonus as well all know.

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Photo by Dryft

Also noted was the construction of these waders they were well made and well sealed, the stitching was flawless and held great especially when bending down to hold fish.  The knees in the waders were strong and there was minimal bunch up in the groin area, again making them comfortable.

The last performance feature that I really enjoyed was when walking on frosty mornings the waders were not once crunchy or stiff feeling like other brands I have tried in the past. They moved quietly and felt extremely comfortable. The Zipper performed every time and was smooth to open and close.

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Author in Alaska using Dryft gear

In the end, I really found nothing wrong or negative about the Dryft Primo Zip waders especially for the price point or value category theses waders are classed in. In fact, I would say Dryft might have overbuilt them. So, if your looking for a great bang for your buck the Dryft Primo zips are a top contender.

Check out Dryft waders and other great Dryft gear @Dryft or dryftfishing.com

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