Best Fly-Fishing Values 2019: Freshwater Fly Lines for 2019

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Best Premium Values:

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Scientific Anglers, Amplitude Smooth Infinity

Fly Lines, when it comes to fly lines its not always the sexiest part of fly fishing but its defiantly one of the most important parts. We feel that the best fly-fishing values for fly lines the Scientific Anglers Amplitude smooth Infinity series or families of Fly Lines. Hands down.

What we like most about it is the way it casts, SA has incorporated the AST technology in this line. Along with the fact that they boast it can add 10 ft to any anglers cast. Plus, its slightly a have size heavier helps this line in turning over those big flies, or presenting those soft dries. Loop to loop features and different colours and great tapers.   Its no secret that SA has been on fire for the past few years and on guess is that its not slowing down anytime soon.

Best Mid Value:

Courtesy of Rio Products

Rio, Gold Lines All Around Trout

When it comes to A great all-around fly line don’t over look the Rio Gold all around trout line. This is a great line for many anglers and will cover most if not all freshwater Fly-Fishing needs. This line has some great history behind and not forgetting to mention the technology as well.

What we like most about the line is it is able to deliver great casts on fast action rods. Also, the line is half sized heaver to make the fly turn over the way you need. The line features loop to loop connections, high visibility and some weights feature the “lumalux” colour making it “glow in the dark” great for last light casts on the river.

Best Entry Value:

Courtesy Of SA

Scientific Anglers, AirCel

This is probably one of the oldest fly lines in the industry, but don’t let that fool you. Remember if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. And that’s what SA is doing leaving this product alone. The Aircel has a long history in the fly line game. Back in the day this line was king of lines and well we feel it’s a great entry level line for any beginner.

Here is what we liked about it, the high flotation the line offers are best in class. The technology is the use of tiny micro glass balloons which really sets the line apart from the competition. The casting the line offers is smooth and forgiving yet will help load a rod to full power if done right. This is partly due to the raise bump in the to help anglers where to start the cast. The is great for all general fishing situations at an amazing price that can’t be touched.

With all the lines out there, we hope this will help narrow down you search in the perfect line just for you in your freshwater fishing situation.

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