A Day for Bristol Bay

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By Fly Fishing Insider

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The recently announced a day for Bristol Bay which is hosted by and mainly supported by AFFTA but this event includes everyone from Guides, Fly shops and fly gear manufacturers, writers and podcasters and of course readers like you.

But what exactly is a day for Bristol a Bay, well as I mentioned prior this day consists of many industry people who are involved and the heart of the day is backed or spearheaded by the AFFTA. And its AFFTAs mission to have One day, One Voice, One Important stand all taking place this August 24th.

The goal is to raise much needed funds for the Bristol Bay defense Fund, AKA the front line group that is going toe to toe with the mining company’s what interested in producing a mine in this region, divesting billions of dollars in the regions fishery’s industry jobs, fish runs completely wiped out and many environmental impacts just to name a few.

How’s it work well, Super cool fly shops or online fly shops who are participating in this event are showing their support through a donation of proceeds on participating brand purchases, made with in the store, or guide bookings, lodge or travel.

Can’t commit that much, well you’re in luck just head to the AFFTA website and make a donation.  The best part about your donation is that 100% of the proceeds donated are going to the Bristol Bay defense Fund. https://www.affta.org/d4bb/

Who’s all in? To see the participating shops and industry brands, guides and more visit https://www.affta.org/d4bb-participating-businesses/

Want to know more? Listen to this week’s episode of the Fly Fishing Insider podcast, where we speak with Matt Smyth, From AFFTA and hear in his words what and why this day was created and what the goal is for a day for Bristol Bay. #D4BB.  http://flyfishinginsiderpodcast.com/

Advertising Opportunity

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